Mopar 440 Engine Power Upgrade – 440 Power Play

Having a 440 car comes with a certain distinction. After all, the torquey 440 was one of the largest production engines offered in a factory musclecar, and there’s no debating that the factory moved those heavy bruisers with ease. The “440 Magnum” emblems on the hood of our ’71 Charger R/T gave ample warning to would-be contenders that there was a lot of engine under the hood. But in today’s mean streets, the factory package isn’t always enough to keep the more serious street rats at bay. Sure, it’s unfair to compare a dead-stock musclecar to the hopped-up street warriors roaming the boulevard, but when the light turns green, there’s no one hanging around to check the engine’s date codes. Try as you might to keep a low profile, a Green-Go ’71 R/T with full stripes and spoilers and those 440 emblems on the louvered hood just begs for a confrontation. Thus, we needed to ensure we were packing a serious punch.

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QA1 Releases 4-Way Adjustable Shocks

QA1 is excited to release the Quad Adjust Shock, a 4-way adjustable shock for the street performance and racing market.

This 4-way adjustable shock features independent rebound and compression adjustments at both low and high shock speeds. These adjustments allow you to fine tune your suspension for low shock speed situations, such as corner entry and exit, and high shock speed situations, such as hitting bumps or curbs. These adjustments give you maximum tunability, keep the tires on the ground and improve control.

“The Quad Adjust Shock is designed for anyone who is looking for more adjustability to keep a soft feel over bumps and ruts, but still need stiff control while cornering,” Karl Hacken, QA1’s Vice President of Engineering, stated. “Making adjustments at both high shock speeds and low shock speeds can show remarkable improvements in performance.”

Made of high quality aluminum, this coil-over shock has two rebound adjustment knobs for high and low shock speeds. The two compression adjustment knobs are located on the attached reservoir body and adjust both high and low shock speeds. All four knobs offer independent adjustability. The shock and reservoir are connected with a PTFE lined braided steel hose that swivels four directions on the bodies for flexible mounting. Also, a Schrader valve on the reservoir allows for on-the-fly gas pressure adjustments.

Made in the USA, the Quad Adjust Shocks include all necessary coil-over hardware. Multiple reservoir mounting options are also available.

Boze Forged and ZE Forged billet wheels

Boze Forged and ZE Forged billet wheels

Boze Alloys is a family owned and operated business with 50 years combined experience in designing and producing quality cus...tom wheels. Boze Alloys produces the highest quality 2-piece and 3-piece custom forged wheels and billet wheels for a variety of applications such as; luxury wheels, exotic wheels, street rod wheels, muscle car wheels, kit car wheels and truck/SUV wheels.All forged wheels and billet wheels are 100% CNC machined for that precise custom fitment from the finest billet 6061 T-6 billet aluminum. Custom fitments available for 4,5,6 & 8 lug patterns in sizes 17” through 24” diameters and widths from 5” to 15”.Every set of Boze Forged and ZE Forged billet wheels are Made in the USA to each customers requirements and designed to fit big brake kits and staggered fitments.Boze offers a large assortment of finishes to choose from such as; powder coated colors, custom match colors, high luster polish, brushed satin, and chrome. For that final touch, custom engraved caps are available to add a personalized look.
Interiors of Excellence Muscle Car and Custom

Interiors of Excellence Muscle Car and Custom

Many shops can do collector car interiors, but none to the standards we have set. Whether its a factory interior install, or a complete custom job, Interiors of Excellence never disapoints! All components are repainted. New chrome screws are always used. Interiors and trunks are detailed and show ready when the car leave’s the shop!

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K-Members for Mopar A, B or E-Body

K-Members for Mopar A, B or E-Body

QA1’s Mopar K-Members are direct bolt-ons to any A, B or E-Body. Engineered for maximized strength, the tubular design allows for greater header and oil pan clearance. The K-Member comes with engine mount attachment points to accept factory and aftermarket engine mounts.

The Mopar A-Body K-Member is designed for 67-72 small block engine mounts and 73-76 A-Body sway bar.

The B & E-Body K-Members are designed for small block or big block engine mounts and E-Body and 71-72 B-Body sway bar.

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Carbon Fiber Driveshaft Technology

Carbon Fiber Driveshaft Technology


Raising the Bar with American-Made Driveshafts
Carbon Fiber DriveshaftQA1 is redefining industry standards by performing our filament winding in-house, in our Lakeville, MN facility – a necessary process to design and produce the correct torsional stiffness specifications for world class carbon fiber driveshafts. It is imperative to have control over the entire filament winding process, and by having the specialized equipment in-house, QA1 is able to customize tube length, wall thickness and pattern, enabling products such as carbon fiber driveshafts to be designed and wound for specific applications. QA1 designs, engineers and manufactures unique composite components, enabling the customization of tube dimensions for customer requirements.

Cutting Edge Capabilities
Equipped with sophisticated 3D modeling programs and machines such as a torsional dyno, balancer, tensile tester, filament winder, robotic welder, coordinate measuring machines, CNC machines and tube benders, we’re able to take projects from initial design concept to complete assembly, all under one roof.

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